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ARX Hand Project mainly started as an interest in creating a robotic hand using 3D printing to see what I could be achieve with just using my RepRap Huxley 3D printer. From being inspired by the e-NABLE community, I had a desire to create a capable and yet low cost robotic hand using 3D printing.

Currently, I've made numerous developments over the years with many interesting techniques and methods I had had to use to within the project, so worth looking through my project logs as it may help with other projects as well.

ARX Hand Project currently has 3 branch designs based on the MK0 hand, so I've split the branches into individual pages for clarity between design specific developments.

The project is still a working in progress so some things may not yet be documented or finished. I've yet to release the design, as there are quite a number of things that I would like to fix before making it publicly available.


Posable Figure variant which is non motorised and static design. Mainly focused for artistic uses such as in stop motion, display purpose, sketching, sculpting, etc. Most of the joints in the human hand 

ARX MK0 Variants

  • MK0 -
    Main variant which focuses on a bringing a fairly advanced low cost robotics hand that's compact in design.
  • MK0S -
    Servo variant which focuses on being an easy to develop robotic hand using standard servos which can be easily sourced and controlled
  • MK0M -
    A purely mechanical driven design with slip differential fingers actuated with a single cord. Mainly focuses on reliability at a low cost along with reduced complexity without sacrificing functionality

3D Printing

The ARX Hand Project can be printed using any standard FDM printer that can print PLA. Majority of prototypes I have printed are in PLA using a fairly modified RepRapPro Huxley 3D printer purchased in 2014. The design has been based around 0.2mm layer height with a 0.4mm nozzle, so using different parameters may affect part fit. Some additional small geometries have been added to the models to compensate for some effects caused by 3D printing.

Typical print specifications:
  • 0.4mm nozzle
  • 0.2mm layer height
  • 30mm/s outer perimeter
  • 40mm/s inner perimeters
  • 60mm/s infill
  • +-0.1mm XY accuracy
  • 0.2mm Z resolution (layer height)
Print materials:
  • PLA or PETG for hard plastics


Although I have some experience in design things from being self taught, I do not have any degree or qualification. These designs should therefore not be used as a medical device or to be used in any situations where it may cause injury or harm. I can not be liable to any injuries, harm, or issues resulting from the use of the design and therefore should only be used at your own discretion.  


This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

  • Alternative Design

    Supercell08/27/2020 at 15:48 0 comments

    Instead of the joint based design from previous prototypes, this prototype focuses on using only printed parts for joints. This style of joint won't see use in the main ARX Hand Project designs but will be suitable for general community print set ups where designs that are fully 3D printed are desired. 

  • Third Prototype

    Supercell08/25/2020 at 16:33 0 comments

    This prototype further improves on the previous prototype by 

  • Second Prototype

    Supercell08/25/2020 at 16:33 0 comments

    This prototype implements a more common approach used in injection moulding for joints that I often seen in Gundam Model kits.

  • Initial Prototype

    Supercell07/04/2020 at 19:46 0 comments


    This prototype uses a mix of an requiring drilling of a 3mm drill as well as some design features to improve consistency from a single pass with a drill. Previous ARX Hand Project developments consisted of just drilling out a 3mm printed hole to provide for a friction fit. This drilling method wasn't particularly reliable as multiple passes may be needed to have a tight but not overly tight fit. 

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