• Update #2 10/07/2020

    Joshua-Benfell07/09/2020 at 12:09 0 comments

    Added mounting holes to the frame for connection to the panels and to the drive collar.

    As the panels have a 4mm clearance between the frames, have also added a 3.5mm  support section to the panels to make the mounting more consistent. This 4mm gap exists in anticipation of lights being fitted under the panels.

    The panel mounting holes need a cover, due to the extra space, may be able to move the bolt head down further to provide more space for securing the cover.

    The mounting hole accents have been added to one of the panels.

    The panels will be mounting with M3 bolts into a thread insert that's melted into the frame.

    The drive collar will connect to the frame with M5 Bolts and nyloc nuts.

    The frame will be joined with M3 bolts and nyloc nuts.

  • Update #1 07/07/2020

    Joshua-Benfell07/07/2020 at 13:05 0 comments

    Started on the internal frame of the droid. With mapping to the expected cover plates.