Delay in updates

A project log for 8Q: The DIY Quantum Computer

The 8Q is an 8 qubit, general purpose, linux capable quantum computer

Noah WoodNoah Wood 07/20/2020 at 09:440 Comments

Hey guys, sorry for the delay in updates, my development computer was running way too slow to get any meaningful work done (can you believe I designed this on a jailbroken chromebook with a modified linux kernel?), so this past week I've been building and configuring a beastly development computer (been fiddling to undervolt and OC the GPU and CPU, running benchmarks, etc.)

Right now I'm setting up a new development environment, transferring files over from my old drive, etc. I'll be writing up a shell script for linux to create the development environment so if anyone wants to contribute they don't have to try and do it manually.

I'm also starting a livestream at, it won't be all focused on this project, just a sort of general vlog of what I'm working on if anyone's interested.