A leap towards manufacturing?

A project log for 8Q: The DIY Quantum Computer

The 8Q is an 8 qubit, general purpose, linux capable quantum computer

Noah WoodNoah Wood 07/14/2021 at 20:090 Comments

I hope you all didn't forget about this project, I certainly haven't! I find I have more and more projects I want to work on and less and less time, but this, and my other quantum projects, are still my favorite ones.

A few updates on what's been happening:

  1. Replaced CPU with a CoM board:
    1. Due to it being like pulling teeth trying to get chip specs, I've decided to go a different route for the digital portion utilizing the Congo A50-line of QSeven2.0 Computer on Module's to replace the Allwinner processor.
  2. Updated Schematics
  3. (Re)Created library and footprint files for quantum parts
    1. This would actually be a good beginner task for anyone interested in helping out, we need to make sure that all the components are utilizing the proper library and not the cached libs so that our project can remain portable.
    2. I'm considering creating a separate git with the actual components to make it easier to import them, but that'll be for a later time.
  4. Began Work on PCB layout
    1. YES! We are actually moving towards manufacturing our very own quantum computer!!!!!!
    2. The current target size is a standard 19x28" 1U Server Rack
  5. Began Working on Miniaturizing Components
    1. We are currently evaluating various methods of reducing the component scale and consolidating larger packages.

Progress is definitely slower than when we first began as we march towards making a manufacturable product rather than just a pretty, theoretical-physics-themed wall-art, but the progress we do make here is also going to further our progress in our other projects- like QEDA and even our non-quantum offerings.