Electric Discharge Glove - 1 or "taser glove"

A glove, that creates 330V sparks right between your fingertips.

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This was my first "big project". I basically took an old disposable camera and connected the flash charging circuit to the fingertips of an insulated glove. It only took me a day to make and I'm sure, that anyone who is reading this can make one on his own. Thus far I couldn't find any practicall aplications for it besides scaring your friends to death, but I think it might have some potential in self defense. Check out the video for a little slow-mo demonstration.
  • 1 × Old disposable camera with flash.
  • 1 × Insulated glove
  • 1 × Battery holder
  • 1 × Some sort of house for the circuit
  • 1 × Some wires

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