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Automating the tests for SmartFeedback v7.2 IoT Gateway board, by python based GUI with GSM communication

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The project is a desktop app that aims to configure and test the SmartFeedback v7.2 IoT gateway board through python automated GUI script remotely, by using GSM module (compatible with 4G and 2G both sim cards).
The end product is an automated GUI, instructing the GSM module attached with the PC by USB serial port, thus creating the communication between the GSM module and the SmartFeedback board.

Technology used:

1. Hardware-
• SmartFeedback board – 7.2 version IoT gateway PCB board by GAIA
• GSM Module - USB to GSM, direct connection to PC that acts as an intermediate between GUI and SmartFeedback v7.2 board
• 4G / 2G Antennas – Attached to both GSM module and SmartFeedback v7.2 board
• 4G / 2G SIM cards – Inserted in both GSM module and SmartFeedback v7.2 board SIM slots
2. Software-

• Pycharm – PyQT5, Serial, Pandas Py libraries for developing app
• Qt Designer – For designing the app

presentation - 6.72 MB - 07/07/2020 at 16:06


GAIA_GUI project.docx

Project Report

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