In this tutorial, I am going to show you step by step How to make a “Smart Home Automation Control System using NodeMcu ESP8266 Microcontroller”.

The most important part of this project is the PCB I ordered this PCB from PCBWay Company in China. One of the best PCB Prototype & Manufacturing in china I have ever experienced. I Highly recommend ordering this from PCBWay all you need is to download all project files and upload the Gerber file after making an account as mentioned in Video. That’s it!

PCBWAY 5$ PCB Prototype & Manufacturing.Home Automation System NodeMcu ESP8266

Step 1: Hardware Required

Hardware Required

  1. PCB Smart Home Automation
  2. NodeMcu ESP8266
  3. 5V Relay
  4. 1n4007 Diodes
  5. Resistors 330 Ohm
  6. Transistors BC547 NPN4
  7. Terminal Block 5mm
  8. LM7805 5V Regulator
  9. Power LED
  10. DC Power Jack
  11. 12 Volt Power Supply

Step 2: Circuit Diagram

Circuit Diagram

Step 3: Project Files

Download All Important Project Files for this Including

  • Gerber
  • Circuit Diagram
  • Arduino Code
  • Android App
  • Etc