Revision B PCB came in and soldered

A project log for Onion Omega Hi-Fi Dock

I'm building Onion Omega dock that should deliver Hi-Fi audio via PCM5102 I2S DAC

andrey.malyshenkoandrey.malyshenko 08/06/2020 at 19:480 Comments

Revision B just came and i had a chance to solder it and do a quick test.

Compared to a previous one, there are few key changes

- I completely changed power source part. rev A was planned to be used in combination with 2.5 inch HDD and therefore i estimated it to use at least 5W. For this one i decided to keep it simple and replaced it with simple AMS1117 linear reg for digital part, and LP2992 low noise  linear reg for digital part.

- I made it smaller, to be more specific I tried to make it raspberry pi case compatible. This is yet to test since I'm still waitinf for case to be delivered. 

- I moved all the parts to front side to simplify assembly and replaced barrel caps with pcb mounts for the same reason.

- I removed some unused pereferial, instead broke out SPI and I2C headers to plug in OLED screens. Just because why not, it is free:) Yet to test.

- Added 4 gpio leds, again why not.

In terms of software so far no change, all works same way as before. Key part is audio DAC, and it works like a charm. So far just an headphones audio test and i'm quite happy with the result, however more test to come.

As for OLED screen - placement could be better, and testing to do.

Overall, quite pleased with the result, no major flows, however probably one more revision to come to fix minor issues.