here's a pastebin of my personal arduino code for LED control, inculdes, the dot/line/etc algorithms.

this code is insanely messy. most importantly, it is written for my big synth with like 40-50 LED rings overall, so theres a ton of confusing code none of you guys will need.most importantly the inclusion of the teensy OCTOLED library which is only necessary if you go beyond 1000 LEDs.

well, i told you guys all you get is the hardware hahaha so thats all on you know. j/k i will try clean this up asap.

edit. ok i will not be able to really do too much on this for you guys so let me write up a tiny quick quide:

- the LED boards should be easy, right? it is just ws2812 protocol, 5v, GND, and one data line. best software support is on arduino/teensy platform. but can also be adressed via eg. midibox or axoloti. i got it to run on both briefly but didn't investigate further because teensy was so easy. as i said the code i posted includes OCTOLED which messes it up for normal use. just use FASTLed and check out the tutorials for simple includes/defines. then you can use parts of my code when needed. i changed the pastebin link to a slightly cleaned up one, look for the big ////LED RING FUNCTIONS

- the encoder boards 2 74HC165 shift gates are configured to be read via SPI on the 10pin IDE connector, ideal for midibox platform. if you want to use it with bitbanging instead of SPI, the CE pins are brought out on testpoints next to the ICs. a solder bridge has to be filled (or broken?), see schematics. and i added simplified pinout diagram for the 10pin connector.

- i read those encoders with the midibox NG platform because thats what they were designed for and makes it very convenient. but those are very general parts and eg. teensy/arduino will have a ton of community infos and iplementations for SPI, 74HC165 and rotary encoders.

remember the led boards can be broken and re chained, the encoder boards second half can not be used though if broken.

i will add svg files for the boards measures asap. sorry guys.

maybe one day. sorry again.