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1 Introduction

plccore is a RT-Thread-based runtime core for programmable logic controller (PLC), together with the upper computer programming software plcide that I developed, forms a complete PLC development system. With RT-Thread's extensive board support packages (BSP), plccore can be quickly ported to more MCUs, which saves a lot of development time. For MCU developers, the combination of plcideplccore and rt-thread provides a graphical, tabular way to develop MCU control programs, which is very convenient and simple.

1.1 The Objectives of plccore

There are three objectives that the PLC system with plccore + plcide can achieve:

  • To achieve a scalable, open PLC programming system that fully complies with IEC61131–3 standards and improve the reuse rate of code modules;
  • To achieve a compiled PLC, the instruction density or execution efficiency of which are greatly improved compared to the explanatory PLC;
  • Explore the development of embedded applications in graphical and tabular forms to simplify MCU development;

1.2 What can plccore do?

For MCU developers, once you have ported the RT-Thread and plccore, you can use plcide for:

  1. Write the control logic through graphical interfaces, which supports multi-platform reuse
  2. Configure multitasking systems in tabulations without writing code, which supports different task-driven modes:
  • Loop execution
  • External signal trigger
  • Timing trigger

1.3 Catalog

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1.4 License

plccore package complies with the LGPLv2.1 license, as detailed in the 'LICENSE' file.

1.5 Dependence

  • RT-Thread nano 3.1.3+

2 How to port plccore?

Please refer to the Porting Tutorial given in the docs directory
(Note: Apology first. The RT-Thread community developers contribute a lot of valuable applications, but the tutorials are not written in English yet, so when you read this article you need to use online translation software. We are working on translating those documents into English, please stay tuned. )

3 How to get the upper computer programming software plcide?

Leave us a message on RT-Thread Twitter or Facebook.

4 How to use plcide?

Please refer to the PLC Integrated Development Environment User Manual given in the software package docs directory:

And here’s the Programming Guidelines

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