AOI PCB RGB Light Prototype

Automatic Optical Inspection (AOI) RGB light for PCBs Inspection

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This is an Automatic Optical Inspection RGB light. This light is made for PCBs but could be used for other things too.
This is just a prototype to see if it is worth continuing this project, I was not sure if it would work or would need more time to get working. But it WORKS.
It was interesting to see that I didn't need to do anything thing to the device to get it working. It's a pretty simple device that got me worried to begin with.
I made this mostly because I could not buy one or the ones that I could buy cost a lot. T mainly wanted to try it out and to see what it can do.
Since it works, I'm going to be making a better one that can be made cheaper and easily, this is just a prototype.
this device could also be used with machine learning to inspect PCBs

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Dan Maloney wrote 07/10/2020 at 16:23 point

What's the idea behind using multiple colors of light for inspection?

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Tinkers Projects wrote 07/11/2020 at 04:18 point

the idea is that each colour is hitting the PCB at different angles and the camera is is seeing the reflection. when the sureface changes gradient , the different colours will reflect differently giving the camera different light intensities for the different colours. 

you can see the red being the flatter/perpendicular to the cammer, green as the medium gradient and blue being a high gradient. its only realy works in the middle of the light and i'm hopping to make it better with more LEDs

from this you can see how thequality of different solder joints, just need to set up some machine learing to easily detect different fualts.

have a look at under Commercial AOI

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