Ummm, green... the new failure mode

A project log for circuit sculpture Fail-o-rama

Circuit sculpture using electroforming for organic-ish blinkenlights

JonJon 07/14/2020 at 22:500 Comments

ok, super fascinated by this one. My surfaces are turning green. Copper oxidation is the only thing that makes any sense. But I'm not getting the build up that I expected or hoped for. Perhaps the earth batter is not the perfect driver i was looking for. I'm a patient guy, and i don't mind waiting a few weeks if I'm making progress... it might be that I left my tree out for too long when I forgot to put it back in solution after my last log entry for about an hour.

Frankly, it's kinda cool to turn a copper tree green. Was hoping to build up a bark like texture and keep it shiny copper... but that may not be an available option. 

Throwing it back in to see where this failure goes.