ULTIMA, a real successor of SDuino

Lipo charger, micro-SD, full-color OLED are on-board with ARM processor (SAMD21G18A) with Arduino programmable

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I've released Ultra series with Mega1284P and SAMD21G, which has full I/O. But when I look back my SDuino, SDuino has extremely none I/O but I think and believe not all people requires such a lot of digital/analogue I/O. Now I made a real successor of SDuino. I think I was able to put a small leap to Ultra series and put a different name "ULTIMA". It has LiPo on-board charger in addition to same feature of Ultra series (full-color OLED, micro-SD, programmable through USB interface by Arduino IDE). ULTIMA release version has I2C and SPI pinout, those are quite useful for function expansion!

Do you experience "programming port disappear" problem? Please read it and try to recover.

The movie below shows the initial ULTIMA,,,,and

The improved ULTIMA for release version is improved with I2C and SPI but pinout, which is introduced in the following movie....

Utilising I2C interface, bouncing ball by its tilt is quickly made as following movie!

Its source code is uploaded to github. Have fun!

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