ESP32 Weather Broadcasting

Simple voice Weather Broadcasting Based to ESP32 Text-to-speech

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For a long time , i am always awkward wearing thick clothes before going out home while find it really hot ; or find it rainly without no umbrella on hand. Why not have a check on the phone about the weather with some kind of app? Just forget, and also i hate checking it on phone with my eyes.
Alway, i want a reminder to tell me what's the weather like that day, before my leaving out of my hourse wearing shoes, at my house door.
That is the bottom reason why we begin this project, a voice Weather Broadcaster.
1. Get the weather info automaticlly from weather server;
2. Based on ESP32 Text-to-Speech;
3. Report the weather situation at certain time, or some kinds of condition , such as : from 7:00AM to 7:30, when some one detected with PIR(that is , you are leaving home for work)

 I do not like these solutions of "sensors" to detect the temperatures or something, because there huge temperature differenece between indoors& outdoors,  it meanless to make a "sensor" to detect something indoor. 

There many server on the internets to provide weather API, for each city you may interested,  with the ESP32 , it is easy to get the weather info , and then convert the text to speech.

  • DIY MP3 Player/ Web-Radio/ Alarm

    Makerfabs08/01/2020 at 07:46 0 comments

  • As a normal MP3

    Makerfabs07/11/2020 at 09:25 0 comments

    Of course, it is easy to program the it as a normal MP3 player. there 2 nevigator butttons on the board, suitable for the Previous song/Next song/ confirm ;and the valume adjustment...

    By now, it sounds good with 44.1K Hz stereo .wav

    But a little awkward, there no volume adjustment function for the DAC

    UDA1334ATS , i have to multiply all the data output with a "volume factor"(0~1) to adjust the volume.. the final result not good, there many noise the volume factor added /

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