Lora Soil Moisture Sensor

A soil Moisture sensor used for greenhouse, as Lora Node

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Basically, a Lora network composed of end notes/gateway, and related network server. The end Node sense/interactive with the world, the gateway convert the local Lora to 3G, 4G, WiFi, or Ethernet, and the network server/application server to hand the data/interactive with human being.

This Lora Soil moisture i designed is intended for greenhouse usage, cheap and convieint. It detects the moisture, with capcitance change, 555, and there also temperature sensor on the board, to detect the status at some points of greenhouse, to the Lora gateway.

This Soil moisture sensor intends to be a lora node as in the greenhourse lora networks.  It detect/report the soil status, and the temperature, to the lora gateway, which is accessable with WIFI, so the remote monitor can get all the points moisture status, and then control the pumps for irrigation。

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  • Schematic

    Makerfabs07/11/2020 at 09:07 0 comments

    1. There the D5 to turn On/Off the power of 555 and the temperature sensor(AHT10), that you do not always need to check.  

    2. TLC555 to generate the wave , about 400K. 

    3.  Atmega328, works in 3.3V 8M .

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Makerfabs wrote 08/14/2021 at 07:53 point

The voltage of V5 in the high logic might be smaller than VDD if drive the Q1 directly, and it would cause the VCC to never be cut off.

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avogel2 wrote 08/07/2021 at 19:04 point

In the circuit, I don't see why Q2 is necessary. D5 could drive the gate of Q1 directly.

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