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A project log for Lora Soil Moisture Sensor

A soil Moisture sensor used for greenhouse, as Lora Node

MakerfabsMakerfabs 10/25/2021 at 02:320 Comments

Great improvements on Makerfabs Lora Soil Moisture Sensor V3!!!

  1. TLC555 removed, while the Atmega328P(D9/Timer1) generates the 2 MHz pulse (only during the measurement phase, switching off afterward), for capacitive moisture measurement.
  2. Unique ID by default, for easy/fast usage as getting it on hand.
  3. Ultra-low-power consumption design on hardware& firmware, 7.1uA in sleeping mode, minimum 2 years working time with battery 2x AAA.
  4. Improved J3166 water-proof paint to enhance the lifetime of usage. It has outstanding moisture-proof, salt fog proof and insulation properties.

For more detail, please check here.