Treasure Chest

A treasure chest that opens up when you reach a specified location.

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I wanted to make a box that opened up a given location. My motivation was to add a twist to classic scavenger hunts. Instead of going around and just finding objects or clues in different places, you would have to bring the object to the place for it to work. Follow a map and you will find the treasure.


What I did?

I made one really quickly using an Arduino and shield and a wooden box I found at Michael's. The box was flimsy and my assembly of everything into to it was with a glue gun. It was not a great presentation but it did work.
  • Box
  • Arduino Uno
  • GPS Shield
  • LiPo Battery
  • Solenoid
  • Extra-circuit to drive the solenoid
  • Vibration motor
  • Plastic bits to align the solenoid and make it latch
I tested it by setting the location to my work address and hoped it would vibrate when I got to work, indicating it found the location. This took a lot more trips than I would have hoped and there were better ways of debugging it but that seemed like the least effort.

What I want better?

While the Proof of Concept worked it wasn't all that great. I wanted to improve a lot.

The Box

First and foremost it was really flimsy and wanted to make a more robust version that I wouldn't be worried about someone dropping 1 inch.


The box would take a really long time to acquire the GPS signal.

Battery Life and Charging

The battery life on it was pretty poor and charging it was a pain. The shield I had, you couldn't charge the battery and use it at the same time which was kind of annoying and easily fixable.

Locking mechanism

I wanted to improve it so it would be more reliable in both locking and unlocking. No hoping and wishing it would actually unlock. Also, wanted to add some delight to how the box opened.


Wanted to create a user friendly way to set the secret location of the box. The system had it compiled in and now way to change the location without a using Arduino IDE.


I am working on the second version of it. It's using custom electronics instead of an Arduino board.

The mechanical aspect is still the hardest part for me.

Currently working on the firmware and integrating everything.


* Using an off the shelf box, with some modifications

* Solenoid is used to latch the box closed.


* Electronics are functioning

* Based on PIC16F15345 and L80-R GPS

* Charges a LiPo from USB

* Drivers for vibration motor and solenoid



  • 1 × Microchip PIC16F15345
  • 1 × Quactel L80-R GPS module with incorporate antenna

  • GPS Configuration

    Door Pop07/22/2020 at 00:48 0 comments

    Spent some time debugging GPS communication. I couldn't get the GPS to respond to my configuration commands. Turned out it was all on the terminating characters. For some reason, which I haven't spent time understanding, sending "\r\n" is not the same as sending 0xD 0xA.

  • Mechanical troubles

    Door Pop07/21/2020 at 12:32 0 comments

    The mechanical portion of this has been a struggle every step of the way. Worked on trying to install the latch plate, but can't get a screw driver in, so using tacs for now.

    Also noticed the assembly that's holding the solenoid to the board is loose. I will need to add some lock washers to get a bit more bite.

  • Firmware work continues

    Door Pop07/17/2020 at 01:05 0 comments

    Today been fixing some issues with integrating the different pieces of firmware. Had to trouble getting GPS to read out but can now read it but not getting a fix. Not sure what changed as it used to work.

    Also got the solenoid to fire on command, because it's fun.

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Dan Maloney wrote 07/13/2020 at 17:07 point

I like the reverse scavenger hunt idea. I used to geocache with my family a lot, so I can see the appeal of finding a location to open the prize.

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Door Pop wrote 07/15/2020 at 00:00 point


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