Voice-Activated FUnicorn with Google AIY Voice Kit & RPi

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Tell someone off in the most beautiful and majestic way

alpenglow-industriesAlpenglow Industries 03/10/2021 at 22:590 Comments

That's riiiiight!  Your favorite potty-mouthed horned pony can now be VOICE ACTIVATED!  We've put together a python script that works with a Raspberry Pi and a Google AIY Voice Kit, and only needs you to hook up 2 jumper wires between the Pi and the FUnicorn.  No soldering needed!  

Here's our repo on Github, it's forked from the Google AIY Projects repo.  NOTE!  When cloning the repo, the first thing you should do is check out the <aiyprojects> branch!  Google discontinued the default "master" branch at some point and it is old.

Hardware Setup:

Changes and Additions:

We wanted full functionality of the Google Assistant with the option to use the wake word. We also wanted the Google Assistant to control the Raspberry Pi output and use a custom phrase to activate the FUnicorn.