PM30RSF060 is a 600-volt 30-amp electronic module, which are advanced hybrid power devices that use high-speed, low loss IGBTs with optimized gate drive and protection circuit. It is a very effective over-current and short-circuit protection element, it is realized using high current IGBT chips that allows continuity in   monitoring of power device current.

The electronic module (PM30RSF060) is designed for use on power switching application operating at a frequency of 20Khz and its overall reliability is further enhanced by the Intelligent Power Modules, integrated over temperature and under voltage lock out protection.


  • Supply Voltage (Applied between VUP1-VUPC, VVP1-VVPC, VWP1-VWPC, VN1-VNC)VD is rated at 20V
  • Input Voltage (Applied between UP-VUPC, VP-VVPC, WP-VWPC, UN · VN · WN-VNC)VCIN is rated at 20Volts
  • Fault Output Supply Voltage (Applied between UFO-VUPC, VFO-VVPC, WFO-VWPC, FO-VNC)VFO is rated at 20Volts
  • Fault Output Current (Sink Current of UFO, VFO, WFO and FO Terminal)IFO is rated at 20mA


The PM30RSF060 is a flexible, highly integrated  IPM  high power inverter configuration with a wide range of industrial applications. These include inverters for protection logic, motor controls, inverter, switch mode power supplies (SMPS), UPS, welders, etc. The PM30RSF060 can be operated at frequencies of up to 20kHz

  • Complete Output Power Circuit
  • Gate Drive Circuit
  • Protection Logic:
    • Short Circuit
    • Over Current
    • Over Temperature
    • Under Voltage
  • Inverters
  • UPS
  • Motion/Servo Control
  • Power Supplies

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