Part number: FSAB20PH60


The FSAB20PH60 is a 1200 V, 100 A sixpack IGBT module manufactured by EconoPACK™  a reputable electronic company that makes smart power module. This module enhances system reliability by the integrated under-voltage lock-out and short-circuit protection function


  • It has a low thermal resistance due to using DBC.
  • Its integrated IC is used for gate driving and protection.
  • It has an input supply voltage of 275V and a supply output of 400V.
  • It has an input current 11A.
  • It uses divided negative dc link terminals for current sensing.
  • Isolation rating of 2500Vrms/min.


The main advantages of the FSAB20PH60 IGBT compared with other kinds of transistors are low ON resistance,  fast switching speed, high voltage capacity and added with zero gate drive current creates a great option for high speed, and various high voltage applications like Pulse Width Mode (PWM), Switch Mode Power Supply (SMPS), and AC to DC converter

  • It is used in Air conditioner using AC 187V- 276V for partial switching converter.
  • It is used for temperature monitoring with the help of the built in thermistor.
  • Fault signaling.
  • Protection and system control.

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