1 GW alternator

with jet motor and district heating

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Simon Merrett wrote 07/17/2020 at 20:39 point

The linked forum document is a good basis for discussion:

The uselessness of thermoelectric and nuclear power plants
By Franco Malgarini

The large electricity production plants for the community are very bulky and polluting 
because they consist of the main reactor, coal, gas, nuclear fission, soon to be nuclear fused, etc.
And from a series of additional systems such as heat exchangers, cooling towers, steam turbines, etc., to finally get to the alternator, which transforms the rotary movement into 
Even in the next fusion plants temperatures of millions of degrees will be reached just to heat water.
Everything ends up in the alternator, and if we found a method to operate the same in a simpler way, we would make a revolution in the energy field.

I propose to operate the alternator with rockets, i n particular liquid fuel jet engines. 

A flywheel on the alternator axle supports 4 of these engines which, by the law of action and reaction, make the alternator shaft turn, the flue gases of the rockets heat a first steam boiler for district heating, while rotating magnets with the flywheel they heat a second boiler always for district heating of the plant district. 

The size of this plant is minimal, the cost is negligible and the pollution is almost zero. The cop of this system is very high, that is to say that the energy produced is much greater than the energy supplied, in short, a real revolution, if only they wanted .

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