Ramudroid v7 - Solar Powered

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Ingeniously build robot to clean outdoors and alleys( gullies) inspired by Bharat Swachhata Abhiyaan. The idea is to tackle the problem of litter and trash alongside roads and lanes by using 3 brush system to target and lift small objects like plastic cups, wrappers, leaves etc.

Powered by solar energy, it uses camera’s media stream to identify target garbage type and 3 brush design to lift up small objects like plastic cups, wrappers, leaves etc. The autonomous droid also provides real-time camera stream and detects obstruction to reroute itself. It can communicate over 4G, WiFi and BLE and uses edge computation to collect and analyse data on garbage spotted and collected.

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  • 1 × Solar Panel MicroSun MS 12v 60 WP
  • 1 × Solar charger Controller
  • 1 × Frame Assembly I used alumunium bars
  • 1 × Arduino
  • 1 × Motor Driver

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