Electric keyer with text messenger

Electric keyer with message sending function. Its message is stored in micro SD card and no need to re-program the board!

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This is a simple electric keyer with touch-pad paddle with message sending function. Its message is stored in micro SD card by simple text format, and we don't need to launch Arduino IDE just for message modification. One important thing: This keyer supports both plus and minus-keying. Minus voltage keying was general in the vacuum tube final transceiver. I don't abandon the great heritage!

Introduction of the keyer was presented on youtube, as follows.

This is the version 1, which did not support minus keying, nor SD card.

This is the version 2, which supports minus keying. This function is quite important for vacuum tube final rig.

And this is the final and ultimate (for me) version 3. Supports SD card message sending and of course minus-keying.

And here is the whole schematic.

Actually nothing special. It consists of ATmega328P with CP2102N.  I guess two channel (dot-dash) touch pad can be made just by Mega's A/D but one specific IC (Microchip's MTCH102) was used for simplicity. Some pinouts are not general one, because SPI for SD card occupies Dxx and sound out and one input is pushed-out to A/D pins of Arduino (I got to know they has a sequential name for digital I/O, for example D16 for A2...)

  • Now it's new version coming!

    kodera2t07/26/2020 at 02:48 0 comments

    Now the keyer has a tiny OLED display!

    Currently it does not have decorder function but just showing random character with Morse code. (Of course, with electric keyer function with plus/minus keying support)..

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