Arduino LoRa RC transmitter and receiver

Control just about anything RC

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A long-range multichannel radio controller based around the Atmega328p and SX1278 LoRa modules.
This DIY controller provides many of the advanced features in modern commercial radios.

For extended description, schematics, code, etc., check the linked github repo at

Sorry that I didn't make a good detailed video demo but here is one showcasing the GUI.

Looking for something much more powerful? Check out the successor project at

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kabh56 wrote 11/11/2023 at 21:01 point

It is such a great project. Must have taken a long time!

I am really new!!

I had one request: can you post a simple version of this control circuit code? May be  in TX: one joystick. And in Rx a servo and motor. If possible may be one temperature sensor in the RX station which is shown in LCD screen at TX station. 

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buk7456 wrote 11/17/2023 at 15:54 point

It is a very basic 6 channel version that works well. No screen or other fancy features.

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bach minh tuan wrote 05/12/2022 at 10:31 point

It's so great. How about the stability of the connection?. I made RF remote control using nrf24l01, however it lost the signal frequently. Thus my drone always fall down while flying . Can the LORA sx1278 improve this matter?

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buk7456 wrote 05/23/2022 at 10:45 point

The connection is stable enough. Tested the link up to 2km away Line of sight  and didnt experience any connection problems at this distance. Of course your range may vary depending on how noisy your environment is.

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rk70emomin wrote 09/15/2021 at 09:35 point

The code can be run.But, The main mcu code does not extend to flash memory on Uno. Sketch code size was 35kb.  Please advise. Mr.

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buk7456 wrote 10/02/2021 at 14:57 point

It compiles fine with Arduino IDE 1.8.9 and later. Sketch uses 29980 bytes enough to fit in Arduino Uno flash with extra flash to spare.

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matiyasm70 wrote 04/04/2021 at 06:44 point

how the transmitter code loaded to the two atmega328 

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dididikhsan wrote 12/27/2020 at 14:53 point

how to connect atmega328 with lora, the schematic image can't i understand it.

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buk7456 wrote 12/28/2020 at 06:43 point

I have updated the schematics. Hope they are now more understandable

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