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A project log for vector-06c mini

A 50% size replica of my favourite 8-bit computer

svofskisvofski 02/28/2024 at 12:060 Comments

I guess every project doesn't have to be brought to perfection. v06x-tiny/esp32 is not perfect but it's pretty great. It supports most essential features of Vector-06c, the sound is not as good as in the desktop v06x but it's fine for most games. There are things that are lacking, for example beeper support, or external ROM or joysticks or who knows what else.

But it runs most of the software, doesn't have a problem with the most demanding demos and all in a ll it's a pretty faithful reimagination of a modern Vector-06c. At this point I think it needs to get a case and a promotion from a pile of boards and wires on my desk to a proper dust collecting piece.

I considered various designs, some with upright screen placement, or even hinged screen like a real laptop. But this is really far beyond my normal mechanical capacity. I need something simple and efficient, IOW quadratisch, praktisch, gut.

I probed AI, hoping to get some useful design hints.


Yeah.. maybe another try.
Nevermind, AI.

Here's my final design:

It's not overly complex, easily printable and should do the job. Waiting for the print to come...

ESP32 "port" was more of a complete rewrite of the original project. In fact it revealed a lot of flaws with the old project. I dare not call this port complete, the code is still a complete nightmare. I need at least to toss files around for any semblance of logical arrangement. But it's something that can be done gradually as the time and inspiration allows.

Meanwhile I have a Gowin Tang Nano 9K with exactly the same TFT display. And this could be pretty interesting.

GeneratedAt least on the surface, it seems a fairly decent chip, also packaged on a fairly neat board. Maybe it could become the core of v06x-tiny/fpga, who knows!