UPS-Lite is a UPS power supply specially designed for Raspberry Pi Zero (hereinafter referred to as pi). It uses a 1000mAh polymer lithium battery for power supply. It supports external power supply insertion detection, supports charging and discharging while plugging in external When power is supplied, pi is powered by an external power supply. When the external power supply is unplugged, pi seamlessly switches to the lithium battery. UPS-Lite is connected to the pi through 5 Pogopin (the pi must be soldered with a 40-pin header). The power supply and battery power measurement functions of the pi are completed by the Pogopin. In addition, UPS-Lite also integrates a professional fuel gauge chip MAX17040G, dual-color charging status indicator.

Parameter :

    Charging current:  Max 400ma@5V

    Output current:  Max 1.3A@5V (only powered by battery without external power supply)             

                                Max 2A@5V (with external power supply plugged in) 

    Battery measurement:  percentage of  battery SOC, an error ±2%,

                                            the measurement errors of battery voltages ± 3mV