Free creation of objects

what if it was possible to create objects in a different way - freely in space, without contact, using a tiny amount of matter nad energy...

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Dear People!

Have you ever wondered whether it would be possible to create any items in an easy and simple way?

No hammers, no milling machines, no printers - only free creation in space...

Well, after 30 years of thinking... I have finally started experiments...
This is an absolute beginning. I use minimal, even primitive resources - so that the new method of creating items could be cheap, available, accessible to everyone, common...

Details of this little guy in the main photo:

5s total time operation
apparatus + materials = 5$ :)

Please tell me if it can be done better, if there are more effective methods. I will be very grateful for your help!

Of course! I promise to post more test results ;)

best regards

Michał Baran

This is really my very first message on this subject.

I am aware that such a challenge is enormous, infinitely vast, frighteningly difficult ... at the same time it is also extremely beautiful and, paradoxically, simple to implement...

Some time ago I started to try to describe what I was able to find out. These introductory texts are currently only in Polish - I will try to translate them conscientiously. Thanks for your understanding and patience.

JPEG Image - 2.00 MB - 07/21/2020 at 02:18


JPEG Image - 1.61 MB - 07/21/2020 at 02:18


JPEG Image - 3.90 MB - 07/21/2020 at 02:18


JPEG Image - 3.03 MB - 07/21/2020 at 02:17


JPEG Image - 3.43 MB - 07/21/2020 at 02:17


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Krzysztof wrote 07/21/2020 at 09:44 point

Looks very unimpressive :/ Also no details whatsoever, sorry but this project looks like a joke.

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Michał wrote 07/23/2020 at 18:11 point

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Krzysztof wrote 07/24/2020 at 06:27 point

So it's multi-tool and multi-approach methodology for making objects from uv hardening foams? As for thinking 30 years about this - try to do at least one experiment every month. Bold to say from someone who is building a home with proper workshop so that he can start to do experiments with his 15 year old idea, but in hindsight, this will speed up development. Do you plan on providing some details of your foams or some tools to shape them?

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Michał wrote 07/24/2020 at 08:48 point

So true! Thanks for this comment.
Everything seems simple only after it's done... :)
I've always been fascinated by the idea of creating three-dimensional objects with the same ease as we do when we draw or paint. Unfortunately, I noticed very late that we actually had such possibilities - this is the situation when we decorate the cake with whipped cream or when we shave... These effects only last for a while. If we add, for example, any water-soluble resin, say - acrylic, we will not gain much. We need the fastest possible phase transition - from liquid to solid. Therefore uv resin.
I had this idea a long time ago, but abandoned it. I found the photopolymers too expensive and started developing other methods. However, I recently came back to them because they undoubtedly have a very high effectiveness.

Currently I am completing new equipment.
The most important challenge is to develop the right mix recipe. Choosing the resin and surfactants. I do not have a clue about it... ;)

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Krzysztof wrote 07/24/2020 at 09:03 point

Also, have you seen 3doodler or other 3d printing pens?

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Michał wrote 07/24/2020 at 09:19 point

Too slow, too much material consuming and low efficiency in gaining space.

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Michał wrote 07/24/2020 at 09:23 point

I don't know how it was possible that these two toys had been lying sometimes next to each other on the same store shelf for years... and no one noticed it :)

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Krzysztof wrote 07/24/2020 at 09:32 point

Yeah, I still don't know how no one noticed the thing I've thought of, I'm connecting two inventions older than me into one much better thing. It just so happens sometimes. Like, people knew for ages that wax worms eat through plastic bags (most fishers knew), but no one noticed that this could be a solution for our plastic problems.

Also, you should read this story about zubbles, one guy messed half his life trying to achieve colour bubbles, but with some help from chemist he did it in a year. To me, it looks similar with you. You have great general idea, but now you need very specific arcane knowledge to achieve it. Please try to speak about this on some chemist forums.

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Michał wrote 07/24/2020 at 09:59 point

Yes, this is the main task. How to involve another people... that's why I'm here... :)

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