ATtiny LED mask

LED Mask to light up these dark times. APA102 strips are controlled by an ATtiny84a.

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During this COVID-19 pandemic it is highly recommended to wear a mask in public. Gladly many makers and sewers jumped on this need and many masks are now available. While all these masks are made from all different fabric patterns, usually only two patterns are used. I have been experimenting on adding LED's to these existing designs and ran into some issues. After trying different designs I finally have a pattern that works well. In the next couple of days I will upload the patterns and create the instruction for a rechargeable and programmable LED mask.

Pattern Lining Fabric.pdf

Sewing pattern for inner lining

Adobe Portable Document Format - 12.36 kB - 07/21/2020 at 02:05


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  • Call of action for Mask Makers

    Sander van de Bor07/29/2020 at 03:37 0 comments

    Wearing a mask during the COVID-19 pandemic is a must to slow the spread and for that reason there was a call in April to all mask makers to make masks. A good reason for me to try out my new sewing machine. I found a template on the internet and made my first mask the next hour. After making masks for my wife, some friends and the local nursing home it was time to take it to the next level.

    I'm not new to using LED's in wearables: So I decided to use that same template I was using for the other masks, but replaced the front with netting. Placed some nuFoam between the fabrics and added one of those boards from the other project. It worked and look pretty cool, but wearing this mask was very uncomfortable. The board was large and so was the battery that was just laying around. And after the battery ran empty I was not even able to get to the charging port.

    And while it showed a pretty awesome light pattern, it was just not too exciting.
    So on my next mask I tried something different. Instead of having the entire mask light up I decided to have the netting only in a smaller section in the shape of a hearth. I used the ATtiny1616 with the CCL code to light it up.
    I really liked the effect on the shape, but the mask itself was still bulky, uncomfortable and just not practical.

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    Cut the fabric for the inner lining

    Download the "Pattern Lining Fabric.pdf" from the files section. Print the pattern on a letter size paper. Cut out  two pieces of fabric by following the solid dark line. I used an old sheet or you can use a T-shirt when you have no other fabric laying around.

    Fold the top of the battery and LIPO charger pockets and sew it together as follows:

    Create the pocket by folding the end of the fabric to get a clean edge, and fold it over again before sewing the edge:

    Now fold the back edge over twice and sew the end. For decoration I usually sew shown in the following pictures:

    Make sure the battery fits tight in the pocket so that it will not bounce around.

    Do the same for the second fabric but make sure it is mirrored from the first half. After completing the second half make sure it fits the LIPO charger. Put both pieces together with the pockets facing out and sew the front together:

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