Term rectifier is used for diodes, since diodes are widely used in rectifier circuits thus sometimes diodes are referred to as rectifiers. Schottky rectifier/ diode is a type of diode but differs from ordinary diode from its construction point of view. Ordinary diode is manufactured using two semiconductor substrates while schottky diodes are formed by the junction of metal and semiconductor. Voltage drop due to junction barriers is significantly reduced in schottky diodes.

SB5150 is a through hole type schottky power rectifier. It is available in DO-201AD package and tested according to MIL-STD-202, method 208. 

Features of SB5150

  • Molded plastic case
  • Schottky barrier chip guard ring die
  • High current capability
  • Low power loss
  • High efficiency
  • High surge current capability
  • Plated leads
  • Cathode band
  • Lead free

Replacement Part


Pictorial View

Pictorial view of  Utsource SB5150 price is given below

Pin Description

Pin description and pin diagram of SB5150 is given below

Pin Number 

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IC Electrical Characteristics/ Specifications

Some Electrical characteristic of the device are given below





Peak repetitive voltage

150 V


Working peak reverse voltage

150 V


DC blocking voltage

150 V


RMS reverse voltage

105 V


Average rectified output current

5 A


Non repetitive peak forward surge current

150 A


Forward voltage

0.92 V


Peak reverse current

0.02 to 10 mA


Junction capacitance

250 pF


Junction temperature

-65 to 150 C


Storage temperature 

-65 to 150 C

Working Principle

Unlike ordinary diodes which are manufactured by joining the pieces of P type and N type materials, schottky diodes are manufactured by joining the metal and N-type semiconductor. Since they are manufactured using semiconductor and metal there is no depletion layer in schottky diodes hence there is very minimal junction voltage drop. The most commonly used metal for the schottky diode is silicide which is a compound of metal and silicon and highly conductive. This metal and silicon junction has reasonably low resistance which enables this device to handle large amounts of current without getting overheated. Foreword voltage drop is 0.3 to 0.5 V only.


Diode SB5150 can be used in following applications

  • Low voltage circuits
  • High frequency inverters
  • Freewheeling diode
  • Polarity protection circuits

Charging Circuit Using SB51550

A charging circuit using SB5150 is shown in the circuit diagram.  5v are supplied at the output while the output is regulated by a FET which is driven by a controller. SB5150 is used in the circuit to protect against polarity reversal that may happen when the field in the inductor collapses.

Boost Converter

Boost converter is a DC-DC converter, as its name suggests it boosts or steps up the output voltages from its input. Boost converter shown in the figure can boost the input voltage of 3.7 V to 5 V. IC used in the circuit requires a schottky diode SB5150 connected to it for its operation.