D882 and B772 is a general purpose high conventional multipurpose power amplification power transistors. Because of their high performance and features it is also used in wide range variety educational, engineering, hobbyist, industrial and commercial applications. The maximum collector current of 3A and driving voltage provides enough power factor for the switching and functioning of LED’s, Bulbs, motors and other electronic circuit elements. The minimum voltage provided by the transistor for power amplification is 0.3V only. 

The bass boosted power amplifier electronic circuit sum the left and right inputs and filter out the high range frequencies depending on the transmission of audio signals for quality transmission and audio clarity. So here we will learn in detail about the functioning, principle and transmission of bass boost power amplifier electronic circuit. So what are you waiting for, let’s get started!


The principle and automation of this bass boosted power amplifier is also same as the other power amplifiers we usually used in our day to day life and for commercial purposes. The input signal given to the system is modulated as per the required audio frequencies and transmitted with the best clarity. Good saturation voltage and stabilization at high voltage loads above the estimated set limit makes it more convenient for the wide range of electronic power applications. 

Components required: 

  1. D882 NPN Transistor (1)  https://utsource.net/sch/D882.html
  2. B772 PNP Transistor (1) https://utsource.net/sch/B772.htmls 
  3. 100k Resistor (1)  
  4. 100uF Capacitor (1) 
  5. Audio Cable 
  6. 4-8 Ohm Speaker 
  7. 4-6V Power Supply 
  8. Connecting wires 

Circuit Diagram: 

Step by Step Procedure: 

  1. Take both the transistors D882 and B772 and attach on the heat sink 

2.Connect 100 Ohm resistor to the base of D882 and emitter of B772 as shown in the figure below

3.Connect collector to base, collector to emitter and base to emitter with the 100uF Capacitor as shown below in the figure 

4.Give the connection 4-8 Ohm Audio speaker and audio cable, please see the circuit diagram for clarity in connection 

5.Connect audio cable jack to the smartphone and experience the superior quality and seamless clarity power amplifier audio at high frequencies

6.Our bass boosted power amplifier project using D882 and B772 is now ready to provide the clarity bass output amplification. 

Part Number Alternative/Replacement/Substitute/Complementary: 

If you are unable to find the transistors D882, B772 then you can also the replacement, complementary, equivalent of transistor with 2SD882, 2SB772. 

Part Number Equivalent of D882: 

The equivalent part number of D882 is BD349, BD185, TIP122L, 2SC4342, 2SD1712 or 2SD1018

Part Number Equivalent of B772: 

Part Number equivalent of the transistor B772 is BD187, BD189

Download Free datasheet of D882: 

Download Free datasheet of B772: 

Part Number related parts of D882 and B772: 

The related part number of D882 and B772 are BC338, S8550, 2N7000


So the power boost power amplifier is used in wide range of applications like relay driver, audio amplifier, switching loads, Darlington Paris and other electronic engineering applications. The frequency delivered and output transmitted with the amplifier results in a high bass at most clarity and quality.