We made two hemisperes and pull-up continents

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Interactive 3-dimensional educational geographic maps for visually impaired

Sergei  V. BogdanovSergei V. Bogdanov 08/28/2020 at 20:540 Comments

West hemisphere map with continents, the biggest islands and of equator, tropics, polar circles. You can take off continents to touch it. We used very bright colors because some visually impaired people can see some shadows of contours and colors.

We attach the files for 3D printers:

V1_Eurasia.stl – Continent Eurasia

V1_Islands.stl - Islands

V1_NorthAm.stl – Continent North America

V1_Other.stl  – Other Continents

SemEast.stl – East Hemisphere

SemWest.stl – West Hemisphere

We use 0.375 mm offset for continents and Hemispheres – this mean that it is a gap 0.375 mm along the countour, and continents and islands can be easy placed and taken out.