Engineers Log: 01-23/07/2020

A project log for Chronon Field Regulator

The CFR or Countermeasure is my recreation of a prop from the video game: Quantum break

dewetDewet 07/23/2020 at 16:520 Comments

Why the CFR

I have been a massive fan of Remedy Entertainment's work for a very long time. Starting with Death Rally and the Max Payne series way back I still try to play all their games in my game library once a year. I am intimately familiar with their games but not to the level that I ever thought about owning a prop from any of their games. The closest I have come to owning anything related to a fictional world was the Diablo |||: Book of Cain paperback they released as a special item before the launch of the game. 

Funny enough I never though about making a prop from anything up until I recently completed listening to Adam Savage's book: Every tool's a hammer. I think it was the many times he mentioned the different props he has made and the way it relates to the make culture that something finally clicked.

For some unknown reason the single and only thing that I suddenly wanted to make was the Countermeasure form Quantum Break. It serves no purpose and does nothing cool except showing the state of Chronon charge it has. It was an important plot item in the game but actually got very limited screen time so I assume the designers never though much about it displaying or indicating much more than the state of charge and in some cases a date.

So now I am stuck with my brain wanting to do something and I have to come along for the ride or else...

Researching the CFR - Chronon Field Regulator

Understandably I have been unable to determine much about the design of the CFR. Since this was not a movie prop I do not believe a actual working model was designed. I say actual because there currently exists two photos of the real unit I have been able to find. One seems to be the real deal but was posed by someone claiming to have done work for Remedy with the concept named "Fracture Fixer Concept" while the other was from a in game cut scene where you can clearly see this is a half made prop. The rest of the images are all fan based artwork that does not resemble the actual unit.

With no dimensions, little information and no consistent 3D model in the game to actually determine what it should look like I assume that I face the same challenges as most people trying to replicate a prop.

What I have so far:

  1. The CFR consists of 12 pentagons. 
  2. The pentagons look to be made of Aluminium with rubber corners.
  3. All sides of a pentagon add up to 540 degrees and since we will be using a standard pentagon the inside angles between sides will be 108 degrees.
  4. Using a guesstimate of scale based on this being American made I looks like the sides are 3inches or 70mm +-.
  5. The unit seems to have some sort of "core" that can be extracted trough one of the covers on the side. This will be a nice option to build in.
  6. There is a LED bargraph that indicates state of charge. (In this case can be used for the battery)
  7. There is a 7 segment display that can show a date. e.g. 03291999
  8. There is a 6mm audio jack that serves as a "fibre" connection.
  9. There is a 6 pin DIN connector that serves as some sort of data/power connection.
  10. 1 x Red LED and 1 x Green LED (Status of core lid open/close I assume)
  11. 9 x other holes/rings that contain some sort of sensor/device (Maybe I can stuff these full of actual useful sensors)

Now that I have gone through the list above there are a few things I can take artistic liberties with to actually allow this thing to be useful. 


  1. Add a accelerometer to detect when the unit is picked up and allow deep sleep mode for MCU.
  2. Add real life sensors like temperature, humidity, CO2, light and others. Need 9 of them.
  3. Add NFC to allow you to activate the core extraction process.
  4. Add WiFi to remotely control the CFR.
  5. Add RGB effects, because this is a must.