Engineers Log: 02-26/07/2020

A project log for Chronon Field Regulator

The CFR or Countermeasure is my recreation of a prop from the video game: Quantum break

dewetDewet 07/26/2020 at 10:230 Comments

Paper and glue

So the last couple of days have been spent trying to get a feel for the correct size of the unit. Since I still have allot of research to do and measurements to make the first model is made from cardboard. This will allow me to play with different sizes without spending too much time or material in creating the correct shape. The design started with 12 pentagons with a measurement of 80mm a side and 108 degrees apart. 

I ran into a unforeseen problem when I tried to model this in SketchUp: I really struggled to get the shape designed. Now I have been using SketchUp for years but for some reason this kicked my ass. I was just unable to model the correct angles to make the shape work and so ended up with a mess. Below is a example of the cardboard design and SketchUp model to attempt and get the correct scale.

The shape ended up way too big so I need to scale it down, maybe to 70mm or 60mm a side.