Maybe I should build a few more of these

A project log for Battery Low-Voltage Cutoff

Don't kill your rechargeables.

Scott AlfterScott Alfter 08/11/2022 at 07:180 Comments

I just put a project up on Tindie for the first time...but not this one.  Of that other project, I had JLCPCB build 5, but I probably only need one for myself, so that's 4 that are ready to go.  This, however, seems to be my most popular project.  I still have plenty of boards, and I think I ordered enough parts at the time to build a few more.  It's a simple circuit with a low parts count that I could assemble myself fairly quickly.

As for how the one board I built is holding up, I basically have two use cases for the battery adapter I built.  One is to run a 12V tire inflator to top off car and bicycle tires.  The other is to power a 300W inverter, which in turn runs the built-in inflator (which doesn't pull the full 300W, but it wouldn't even start on a 120W inverter I keep in my car) on an air mattress I bring on camping trips.  If I had to guess, they both present non-trivial loads at 12V, but the MOSFET I chose has been up to the task.