It works! Three axis plus claw from Xbox Controller

A project log for Room Cleaning Robot - Detect and pick up toys

(Room Size Claw Robot) 4 Brushless Actuators (ESP-32) for Position Control (Skycam). 3 RC servos for Claw. Maixduino for object detection.

Paul GouldPaul Gould 08/03/2020 at 15:500 Comments

This is my daughter's idea after getting frustrated/losing at Timezone's claw machines. She helped with the wiring, installation and setup. Thanks mini-maker Sienna.

Xbox controller is modified and the pot signals go into a Sparkfun's SAMD21 dev board which sends pot positions via USB to the Visual Studio .Net app.

The motors are limited to about 2 Watts (kid mode) . 0.5kg counter weights keeps the beaded cord on the pulley without skipping. The absolute encoder with multi-turn software counter keeps track of the cord's length.

She has some pretty condescending thoughts on how to improve the current design. But it's such a great daddy-daughter project. 

This is the spare room (old nursery). The claw moves to one of the upper corner when not in use.