Parallel EEPROM 28 Pin Shark

Use a micro controller on the BIOS 28 PIN socket to control the CPU and other devices.

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I have several old processors and motherboards. I am planning to use my old computer motherboards with this device to help me learn architectures. With this device i can have full control.
The project uses STM32 "Bluepill" and i added a small Arduino script as starting point.


The code is terrible and minimal, just to get started.

ino - 4.22 kB - 07/25/2020 at 17:27


  • 1 × STM32 "Blue Pill"

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Jan Machalica wrote 09/11/2020 at 13:40 point

Hmm, as we have similar pinout for both eeprom and sram, and not-so-many extra pins, it should be possible to build full EEPROM/SRAM programmer/emulator/tester... And possibly with similar pinout we may create an IO device for Z80, possibly recreating some oldy computer like zx-spectrum or so... So many possibilities, so low on time... Will keep my eye on it.

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