Artemis powered Nixie Tube watch

A Nixie Tube Watch run by Sparkfun's Artemis module. Machine learning, 3D printed enclosure, and features galore!

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This is a Nixie Tube watch!
It is powered by an Artemis module from Sparkfun. The cool part about the module is that it integrates an Apollo 3 uController that is capable of super low power ML processing, an integrated BLE antenna, RF shield, and a few other integrated parts.

I included an PDM microphone so that I can speak to the watch and have it perform functions, such as set the time, or activate a front mounted super bright LED.

Other features include:
BQ40Z80 battery fuel gauge IC
FTDI231x IC to program over USB
USB-C charging
Numerous LED's for status.
180V power supply
Way too much battery (24+hours always on)
3D printed enclosure
Arduino powered

The boards were designed by me, made by JLCPCB with all the extra bells and whistle options they offer, and then assembled by me using a stencil, solder paste, tweezers and a toaster oven. Lastly, the code is written in the Arduino platform and uploaded through the USB connection

Thanks for looking!

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Jon wrote 09/03/2020 at 16:58 point

I'm interested to hear more about your experience with the Artemis platform. Although not in the scope for our current project ( ), one of our team members purchased the Artemis board. There are definitely some significant implications for ML as it relates to our own proposed design that could take the project in some future iteration from "this thing we could program with some rules" to "this amazing device that could solve for scenarios we've not even imagined." Good luck!

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Chris Davidoff wrote 09/17/2020 at 19:40 point

Hi Jon!  Your project looks very cool, I think the Artemis would be a great platform for that.  I haven't dived into the ML quite yet but I have been meaning to.  Sparkfun just formally released the product I believe and offer a dev board + tutorial to learn how to apply some of the machine learning capabilities.  Definitely worth looking into!

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Andy Geppert wrote 08/06/2020 at 04:49 point

Awesome project! I would love to build one of these. Where do those beautiful little Nixies grow?

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Chris Davidoff wrote 09/17/2020 at 19:40 point

They're relatively rare at this point unfortunately.  I hope someone will build them again someday

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