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A simple Core XY 3D Printer with an enclosure

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I designed and build this 3D Printer because I wanted an easy to use, reliable and accurate/fast Printer.

The ease of use comes from the Duet 3D mainboard, removable Printsurface and auto bed leveling.
As stated in the title, its a Core XY 3D Printer and they are known for being able to print rather fast and I combined that with linear rails to get the best possible results.

The enclosure is going to be passively heated by the Printbed and Hotend, two ducts at the top and bottom are going to circulate air to maintain a constant temperature inside the 3D Printer.

I'm going to publish some of the Designs I created e.g. the Core XY Belt mounts, Coldend to linear rail connector... When I was building this 3D Printer, I just couldn't find any working models online and it would have saved me a lot of time.

The main part of the core XY system is the belt holder.

At first, wanted to make them out of Aluminum but, due to me not having access to a popper CNC, it failed miserably. A friend of mine, whos building miniature railroad systems recommended that I should try laser cutting Acrylics and gluing them together.

They work with MGN 12 H Carriages. 

The SVG files are also published. 

My cable management is done with zip ties, not the most professional way but it looks nice.

In my first design I wanted to use a Silicone heatbed, it accepted 240V AC, that's why there is a Mosfet. 

A few key components are still missing:
*Belt tensioners and guides

*The Y-axis lead screw and Heatbed

Due to Corona, I don't have access to a professional lathe which I need for the Guides and tensioners.

AutoCAD DXF - 3.85 kB - 08/11/2020 at 12:37


Belt Holder v1.svg

The side pice is 5mm and everything else 10mm Acrylics

svg+xml - 30.34 kB - 08/11/2020 at 11:58


  • 5 × MGN 12 H Rails 2* 255mm, 3* 380mm
  • 4 × Nema 17 Steppers
  • 2 × Doublepulleys with 20 teeth
  • 16 × Idler Pulleys with 20 teeth
  • 1 × Duett2 wifi

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  • The Design

    Egor Meister08/11/2020 at 12:34 0 comments

    I'm publishing my design, although it's not the complete design of my 3D Printer, .

  • Belt Holder

    Egor Meister08/11/2020 at 12:28 0 comments

    I tried making a lot of the parts needed for this 3d Printer out of aluminum like the Belt Holder. I used a drill to make the holes and tried to chisel out the rest. As you probably can imagine that wasn't the best idea.
    The Surface wasn't nice and a bit crooked. It was a really good and timesaving idea to make the parts out of Acrylics.

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    The build instructions are going to be published as soon as this project is completed.

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