A TED Talk on the Importance of high quality water monitoring and analysis

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UnifiedWater is an IoT empowered, smart water quality monitoring device enabling remote data collection and visualisation on a dashboard.

Andrei FlorianAndrei Florian 10/09/2020 at 15:210 Comments

Hello everyone,

I walk a lot to and from school and while I do so, I like losing myself in a podcast. Yesterday I was listening to TED talks daily on Spotify and to my surprise a TED talk directly related to the problem WaterAid aims to fix popped up.

It talks about how water data should be collected and analysed the same way weather data is. It talks about the importance of data collection and analysis delving into some specifics. But it also talks about challenges faced in ambient water quality monitoring.

Sonaar, the speaker, talks about how, many countries are only collecting water flow data as opposed to checking for impurities, pH, turbidity, etc. and how collecting this data alone is simply irrelevant in today's world, as well as the high expenses associated with quality data collection.

I think the talk truly is an eye opener and I personally found it very interesting.