Board pliers MK 3

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lion mclionheadlion mclionhead 10/01/2020 at 06:210 Comments

Then came board pliers MK 3, featuring bigger grip teeth, a handle ratchet, more aggressive slider ratchet, more curves to aid cleaning, a handle extension to clamp onto a stand, 5mm thick pieces. The ironing process yielded a marble like finish on the top surfaces. These will replace MK 2 for acid duty while MK 2 is dedicated to just base.

Lions have now made more pliers than all the boards they may ever make. MK 3 should do everything they need, but lions are just obsessive.

They did the business.  Would be nice if the teeth had markings showing how far below the liquid the board was, but with only 4 teeth, this can now be estimated from how many teeth are above the surface.

Changes for MK 4: The sliding section is still too narrow to fit around the slider ratchet without a lot of sanding. The handle ratchet needs a sawtooth, 3 teeth on both sides & a curved alignment. Laminations on the bottom tooth are wrong, so it needs to be glued as a separate part.  Only need 2 teeth on the grabbing part since the board is never released or grabbed when it's in the fluid, but having 4 teeth still allows the need to fish it out of the fluid.  Seam in a joint fillet was floating.