Board pliers MK 4

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How lions etch PC boards

lion mclionheadlion mclionhead 10/10/2020 at 07:480 Comments

The best of the best was liberated from the filament.  These incorporated all the improvements from MK 3.  The newest handle ratchet does indeed hold when it's new & the PLA hasn't stretched, but

the lion kingdom quickly noticed the handle ratchet was the opposite orientation of all forceps, especially the 30 year old radio shack ones which are no longer made.  They all have the thumb push & the fingers pull.

At least the laminations are the right direction in all the ratchets.

Helas, these pliers didn't etch many boards before paying the ultimate price.

It seems the use of support didn't allow the layers to fuse.  More wall thickness & more infill would be required.  It may have to be printed as a separate part.

make the handle ratchets with curved teeth betwen straight edges to simplify fabrication.

Make the slider as 3 separate parts to avoid the unsupported overhangs.

It also needs the country of origin, wherever that is.