I got the Arduino BLE sense with the book TinyML from christmas, the servos where from an old failed robotic project and the wooden table was laying around.

With those ingredients I needed to apply AI and practise TF Lite so I invented an not existing problem... Take the vegetables with your hands instead of failing from sky!!

Currently I'm working on creating a model to recognize "onion", "pepper" and "tomato". I created a tool to record the data and used https://github.com/iver56/audiomentations to do data augmentation and https://github.com/petewarden/extract_loudest_section to make 1 second wavs. The files generated have to be transformed to another time of wav files so it is done by ffmpeg, I need to glue it all together in one script.

The mechanics of the project are simple but functional.

Demo video -> https://twitter.com/_ManuCorrea_/status/1288913809772548097?s=20