The ultrafast recovery rectifier D92-02 is a Pb free plating electronic product with immense applications in inversion welder, PFC, Plating power supply, ultrasonic cleaner and welder, converter and chopper and many other basic required electronic gadgets. The absolute maximum ratings and high field electronic circuit stabilisation makes it more unique and compatible for rectifying applications. 

Utsource D92-02 Integrated Circuit

The easy to use fabrication design and module of D92-02 is used in all simple power electronic devices whether it is for the rectification purposes or any individual electrical modulation electronic circuit. 

D92-02 Key Features: 

  1. Ultrafast recovery time 
  2. Soft recovery and thermal characteristics 
  3. Low recover losses 
  4. Fast and low forward voltage characteristics 
  5. High current surge capability 
  6. The leakage current is low 

Pinout configuration and Top view of D92-02: 

The pinout configuration and top view of D92-02 is shown in the figure below with respective terminal configuration, working operation, and terminal specifications. 

D92-02 Pinout Schematic and Layout 

As shown in the figure D92-02 consist of 3 pin terminal layout and configuration. The pinning information of D92-02 is listed as 

Pin number 

Pin name

Pin description 

Pin 1

Source pin 

Source is a high potential charge flow regulation pin 

Pin 2

Drain pin 

The drain pin is for the modulation charge 

Pin 3

Gate pin 

Gate is the grounded base pin 

So this is the basic pinning information of D92-02 with respective specifications and working operation. 

Applications of D92-02: 

As shown in the figure below D92-02 is shown in inversion welder board applications for the rectifying and ultrafast switching applications. 

D92-02 Inversion welder board application

  1. Snubber clamp 
  2. Freewheeling 
  3. PFC
  4. Ultrasonic cleaner and welder 
  5. Converter and chopper 
  6. UPS (universal Power supply)

D92-02 Alternatives/Replacement/Substitute/Complementary:

If you are unable to find D92-02 then you can also use the replacement, substitute or an alternative of D92-02 which shows similar functional, thermal and other physical properties. 

The replacement of D92-02 is NTE6246 

D92-02 Part Number Equivalent: 

The equivalent part number of D92-02 is ESAD92-02S


So the ultrafast recovery rectifier component D92-02 is a way out best electronic module especially designed and fabricated for the variable switching and power applications. The junction temperature and thermal resistance shows good forward bias voltage and thereby good factor of maximum recovery current. In all ways it has become the good stabilised power switching and rectifying component in electronic devices.