ATMEGA Based Flight Controller

Low cost programmable fligh controller for autonomous fliying vehicles.

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This board encompasses and ATMEGA 328 microcontroller, a BMP280 temperature, preassure and humidity sensor, a MPU 6050 inertial measurement unity and a magntometer. Since I couldn't find the magnetometer IC I've opted to leave the header pins for an off-the-shelf version of the sensor. The board is programmable via USB due to the FTDI USB-Serial converter onboard and there is room for an optional 0.96' OLED display for debugging purpouses. The four male headers on the bottom are the ESC ouputs, and the female headers on the right side lets you connect 2 I2C devices such as sensors, any kind of I2C device. And finally, the pair of male headers on the top allows the board to interact with the outside world with actuactors such as servos.The project is still on the research stage, right now I'm testing everything on a breadboard with off-the-shelf components.EasyEDA project page:

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