Prototyping has begun!

A project log for Lighting Color Control with Commodity Lamps

A controller system using consumer LED lamps to provide color temperature control and management alongside daylight dimming.

JonJon 09/18/2020 at 19:460 Comments

The team recently added a link on the project page to the GitHub Project Dashboard. This should allow everyone to follow our progress during the final month of the competition.

The prototyping board has been constructed and can be seen below. The primary purpose of this setup is to create a safe space for working with AC voltages. As you can see, traditional lamp fixture bases were used to hold the lamps. The AC dimmer controller board is held up off the prototype board using bolts and nuts as a standoff system. The lamp cords were routed underneath the board. All of this is intended to minimize exposure to the AC side of the circuit while working on top of the prototype board with the low-voltage sensors. This configuration should also keep the light sources close together and, as such, within the field of view of the sensors associated with the project.

Sensor-eye view of the lampsLighting controller close-upUnderside with AC cables

You may see that the lamp cords in the underside view are separated in some places. This was done to facilitate later non-contact current measurements with a clamp meter. Voltage measurements should be possible using the terminal contacts directly on the lighting controller.

This is the first arduino project for everyone involved on the team, and we can already say that we've done our own variant of everyone's first arduino project: rather than blinking a low-voltage LED we've managed to blink an AC LED lamp!

More updates soon...