A mask with a clear panel to display your winning smile...

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Masks are antisocial at best, a necessary nuisance. After playing around with graphic design on the outside and a LED panel run by a computer, I had a brainfart.

Put Windows in it. Literally XD

I took my existing mask design, cut a hole and put a clear panel in it with a couple of filters. I've used Polypropylene so it doesnt fog up. It probably will come Winter but there isnt much I can about that without forced ventilation.

Thats still an option, it wont take much to replace the filters with small 5v fans if need be.

Its quick and simple, just a pair of scissors, a hot-glue gun and a needle and thread required to make it. Materials are Neoprene sheet, polypropylene sheet (I've used A4 sheet as I had it laying around but a pop bottle is pre-curved...) and a couple of gaskets, plain fabric glued either side of them, and a small strip of metal with fabric glued to it to prevent glasses fog.


Printed paper template for the mask

svg+xml - 4.31 kB - 08/02/2020 at 16:23


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