"Rarity", a 3D Printed Automaton.

An automaton I reproduced for a good friend of ours.

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Video of completed project is here:

A waitress at our favorite sushi restaurant fell in love with a morisato54 (YouTube) automaton featuring the My Little Pony character "Rarity", and asked if I could design, 3D print and assemble a reproduction of the model."

"Rarity", a 3D Printed Automaton" is my first attempt.

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Greg Zumwalt wrote 08/03/2020 at 20:09 point

Hi Dan!

Under the table top is an oscillating arm containing twin magnet stacks, one at each end of the arm.  Each leg contains a magnet stack as well.  All magnets were installed with matching polarity (e.g. magnetic attraction), so as the arm oscillates, the legs track the arm.  I designed it in this manner so that the mechanism behind the arm movement was hidden.  It also allows the material to slide between the legs and table top.


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Dan Maloney wrote 08/03/2020 at 20:02 point

I always enjoy trying to figure out how your automatons work, but this on has me stumped. What moves Rarity's legs across the fabric as it feeds?

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