Introduction from Shu

A project log for Magpie MIDI - An Adaptive MIDI/Interface Harmonica

Creative expression tool for cerebral palsy patients

Shu TakahashiShu Takahashi 08/11/2020 at 01:490 Comments

Hi and welcome to our first log on this project! My name is Shu and in this log, I will be introducing myself followed by my partner, Pato in the next log.

In mid-July, I was stuck at home for a couple of months after graduating high school waiting for my first year at university to begin. I had been trying to work on some digital fabrication projects, but frankly, I felt that I could be spending my time on some other projects that would actually help people. On top of that, I wanted to work on a project with somebody else because I had only been listening to my own thoughts all break and it was driving me insane.

This is about the time I read about this prize on the Hackaday website. I instantly liked the way the prize had organized real world problems into tangible project challenges. I thought that if I could participate in one of the challenges, I could be sure that I’m contributing my time and effort to something meaningful.

To combat my annoying internal thoughts and also to hold myself accountable to somebody else, I decided to invite my friend Pato. I met Pato during my internship last year. He has substantial expertise in electrical engineering and I was sure that his experience could be a great help. I also wanted an opportunity to work on a project together since he left Japan from an internship that felt like such a short time.

Fortunately, he agreed to work on this prize with me. We decided to meetup over a video call to discuss our ideas for the nonprofit challenges. We will follow up with another log to recall our discussion where we decided on which challenge to tackle. But before that, Pato will introduce himself briefly in the next log. Thank you for reading and we look forward to keeping you updated.