Bill Of Materials

A project log for Magpie MIDI - An Adaptive MIDI/Interface Harmonica

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Pato MontalvoPato Montalvo 08/21/2020 at 01:250 Comments

To move forward, we decided to organize our proposed components in an excel sheet. The purpose is to evaluate and compare each one of the parts against its alternatives to meet the specified ends. We created a document dubbed “Bill of Materials Draft” where we listed components based on our desired functionality. We included different alternative components for each functionality. For each part, we gathered information like a link to its datasheet, a list of suppliers with different prices, its picture, and a brief description. 

Before we had this, discussion on specific sensors was not efficient. This document has definitely helped a lot in deciding the main components. As of now, we have most of the major components on our BOM, and we expect to add more components as we make more progress.