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A project log for Magpie MIDI - An Adaptive MIDI/Interface Harmonica

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Pato MontalvoPato Montalvo 10/05/2020 at 15:160 Comments

As part of our update, we upgraded our BOM for it to contain more information about our device. 

Level Hierarchy 

First, I included a level hierarchy. This makes it easier for the reader to understand how the different components come together. Level 1 is the main device, and as the level go higher, you can see the components that are used in each sub-assembly. 

As an example, on how to uses this nomenclature, let's pick component BUPCB2B Base Unit Controller PCB. As you can see, this component is listed as LVL 4. If you go up, you'll see that the first LVL 3 sub-assembly is the BUMUV2 Base Main Unit. That means that BUPCB2B is part of BUMUV2. 

Component Index

We also assigned a Tag to all of our components to help us understand them faster. Tags begin with either E, I, or X. "E" means that this component comes from an external supplier. "I" indicates that this is a component that we designed and produced. Finally, "X" is used for sub-assemblies.  

Component Universality

One of the main goals of this project is to make this device accessible. To accomplish that goal, all of our external supplier components were checked to verify their accessibility in Central and North America (MEX/USA/CANADA) and Japan. This will help guarantee that people living in these zones will be able to find the necessary components produce their own MAGPIE MIDI.